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So....the big step is finally coming




So.....where to begin......WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! yeah!!!!!! laugh simple as that....finally after step by step we have taken with heart full of love and thoughtfulness we finally taken this important step. The wedding will be held on 28 June 2013 in Rostock, Germany. A wedding in Thailand will be held later (most likely next year). We do everything (for this wedding and everything around) by ourselves with help for friends and family (Thanks you guy a lot) everything define us....and what we like. wink Thank you everybody for being a part of who we are we have met...fall in love ....and a big big step is you help shaping this love too. heart Thank you...and a big big hug smiley

With heart full of love

Pia & Richard


PS.: I will write more about preparing for the wedding and everything around's really a life changing experience...even before you really get married ;)