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The epic of documents: It's not easy to get married (Part 1)





Since I finally got the final document that will allow me to go to Germany and get married (!!!! Excited!!!!) visa!!! so I will tell you (initially a bit but now when I start writing seem like there're a lot of things to be told.) This entry is really about all the documents and process that we need to go through in order to marry in Germany and get it accepted by the law so I can live there with my love one. heart

The process can be summed up like this :

1. Get the permission to marry in Germany

2. Use the permission document to apply for visa.

As simple as that!!!! But….no.... don’t let it fool you!!! Before I can understand the process clearly like this…I have to try and get the hands on by myself wink

Process number one is the hard one because you cannot just easily write some forms and ask for permission. The first process can be breakdown to…..a few steps.

First: Gather all required documents which are : Your birth certificate, a document from your home district state that you are truly single!!, a document from the central office state that you are totally single and belong to no one!! (They need two documents to really make sure you are available cheeky ) and the last one is your home registration.  This process take me a few weeks…it’s just that I have to go to work and don’t have that much free time….so if you are free…it take you 2 days. I will not get into detail how to get each document….some are pretty easy like you birth certificate or home registered. (Time: started 8 Oct 2012, Cost : 30 THB for issuing documents and copy)

Secord: Get all the documents to be ‘legalized’ by the German embassy. The way they do it is to send a letter to the office who issued the document to confirm that they actually done it by reply the embassy mail. A copy of your passport need to be legalized too but it take only the embassy staff to do it in one day. One big spot point enlightened….make sure that if your document has been corrected you must make sure that the one available at the office who issued it has been corrected too!! Like my birth certificate…’s been corrected a few times for my real name and address by different distric offices….I already took the copy I have to the embassy but I have to take it back because each point of correction must be confirmed by each office who corrected it i.e. the embassy need to contact 3 Thai office….and you can imagine how long it could take to get all to reply. The only way is to make sure that the actual document at the district office who issued my original birth certificate is corrected too. So I have to go to the district office …contacted the staff to see my real birth certificate and get it corrected. So I end up needed 2 trips to the embassy and one additional trip to the district office. This legalization process normally need 6-8 weeks depends on how long the Thai office needed to reply….it can even get longer than 8 weeks……. For me it took only around 5 weeks because in my "single certificate" from the district office state that the document is valid for 90 days… the embassy was kind to expedite the process for me. But…don’t worry that the document will be expired…as long as it is not older than 6 month by the time it reach the court in Germany, it will be fine. (will be explain in the next step) (Time : Document submitted end of Oct, get it legalized early Dec, Cost : around 6,000 THB for legalization)

Oh…...I think only these 2 steps is too long already laugh…so let finish this later with  part 2…3 …or may be 4 cheeky

Even though these process seem to be hard…annoying…it’s also a good experience…without this sweet fortune (to meet my hubby to be) I will not know the nice and cozy Goethe institute….don’t know how it works there in the embassy…may be I have a happy goal in my mind that is why I have made all steps happily (even with the heavy heart wishing that all step going well wink )

Cheers!! See you in the next part(s).

With a lot of LOVE

Pia & Richard heart