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The epic of documents : it’s not easy to get married!!! (Part 2)




So I think it’s time to start the second part….bring it on!!!!

Number 3: Completed and signed in a document called “Vollmacht” It’s a document that you give permission for your fiancé to submit the documents for marriage to the court on your behalf. You must sign this document at the embassy in front of the authorized staff. The document needed to be signed by a certified translator in case you cannot speak German…..if you can, you can fill it out in front of the staff in the embassy directly. This form may be a general one or in some city they have a city specific form. If you need a translator I recommend you to go directly to the Goethe institute. They are so much nicer than the staff (of Goethe institute) who stay at the embassy. For me I use the city specific form and when I go to meet the translator at the embassy to sign for me, she “aggressively” refused and said that she need the supervisor approval before signing this and I must not filled in the form before hand (I thought it would be easier that I filled in some parts already.) So I did have to go to the Goethe institute….surprisingly the German supervisor was so nice and he signed without a thought and also said that I save him a lot of time by filling in some parts already.

I finally get this document signed on the same day I submitted the documents for legalization. (Time : 2 days but only around 20 min at each place. ; 1 day to Goethe institute and one day to the embassy. I need to trips because I use my lunch hour to go to Goethe institute…and the embassy closed already since 11:00 so I need to go to the embassy on another day. Cost: 600 THB for signing the document and 300 THB for the translator)

Number 4: The embassy will call you when all your documents are approved. Go get it and take it to the accepted Translator for translation. It will take you only a few days for this process. (Time: 3 days, Cost: 4,000 THB)

Number 5: Now…your documents are ready to submit to the court in Germany!!! Send all the documents (Legalized documents and Vollmacht) to your fiancé in Germany and then it his turn to take care of it. I recommend you to used TNT…my documents arrived safely with Richard in a few days ;) (Cost : around 1,300 THB)

So now…you think you can just lie down and relax….hmm…may be not…let hear what has happened in part 3….the last one, I told you…it’s not easy to get married…may be it’s good test to see if you are really sure about this wink


With a lot of LOVE. heart

Pia  & Richard