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My "Vermeer" Journey : the start




Vermeer or Johannes (or Jan or Johan) Vermeer is a Dutch painter in the Dutch golden age, around 17th century. Until now there are only 34 paintings of him that confirmed by expert that it is authentically from him. my journey started?

First, I am not really an art expert or study art thoroughly....I am just someone who enjoy beautiful things...and everything is just my feeling without any expertise experience. I have a chance to go to Amsterdam and visited Rijksmuseum,one of the most impressive museum I have ever been , and I found myself falling in love with the Dutch realistic painting.....the art in the Dutch golden age...kind of painting that you can call it  a 3D movies nowsaday, with all the light and reflection.... And it is not just any painting .....I like the painting in the category of "genre art" is a kind of art which show things from everyday life....there is no one important...VIP or even identifiable in the is just everyday life so when I look into all the each feel like I traveled back through time. And when you see the real painting you can see the stroke of brushes in the painting....the actual stroke which was put on the canvas at that moment of event .....hundreds years ago.

Why Vermeer? the Rijksmuseum there are many paintings from many great artist....3 of them are the painting by Vermeer hanging next to each other...there were "the Milkmaid" , "the love letter" and "the little street"  ....I remember myself staring at all 3 painting with amazement of how he played with the can feel the light  (mostly he used window as source) touch the object in the picture especially the main person and how the light reflect on each object.....I was so impressed so I took a photo of each it on my facebook in order for me to remember that from hundreds of paintings in the museum which were my favorite. After that trip I did not have so much time to dig further....but lately I have a lot of time in my hand and I saw my post on facebook again and I start reading further about Vermeer....and his life and his other works are even more impressive......the more I read the more amazed I make me want to know more and see more.....

As previously mentioned that currently there are 34 confirmed paintings of him...they are scattered around the world...dominantly in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Scotland, England) and the US (New York and DC).....since it's not that far from where I live now....and New York is in my must visit I put it to traveling agenda that....whenever I go to the city with Vermeer....I must visit him!!!!! let see when....and if I can see all of the paintings that are available to see.

My journey will not limit....or not solely focus on going and seeing the real painting....I will continue on reading.....seeing and looking for the more amazing story about Vermeer's paintings.....what it implies....and life back in the 17th Century ........if I stumble on something interesting I will share it here..

Art....history and culture are things that make us was not to feed the for the heart to be filled.

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With a lot of love heart

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