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What is Airbnb and why? A cheap traveling solution?




AirbnbFirst of all, what is Airbnb?

In my own easy definition, it's a platform where people come and share their apartment, home or part of, in exchange for simply ... money. And in Airbnb you can be both Host and Guest.

How does it work??

So you go to the website of Airbnb, register yourself then searching the city you want, choose the apartment you like from photos, description and comments of people who stay there before you. When a nice apartment found, you just simply send a message to the host when you want to stay at there property, then waiting for a reply if you are accepted as a guest to stay there. As simply as that. :) Airbnb offer mostly an apartment/a house that you got it all for yourself, completely private, but sometimes also a room in a house or apartment, basically like living with them.

Traveling with Airbnb is like you stay at a friend apartment, (mostly) there is no breakfast served, you have to shop for grocery by yourself and definitely take care of the cleanliness. Sometimes there is an offer for breakfast and cleaning service but of course with extra cost.


So ... why would you do that?????

Answer: With so many reasons!!! but here let see 4 of them.

1. It's cheap!!!!! especially in big city in Europe where you can easily pay 120€ per night for 2 person in a totally normal 3 stars hotel with a space which barely enough to leave your huge luggage open on the floor. Not only the room is cheap. Most place include everything needed for living and of course ... a kitchen. So you can basically cook for yourself and that save a lot of money especially a city like Paris which eating in a decent restaurant could cost you loaded.

2. Most of them have a superb location!!! You can choose a place which is really in the city center, close to a lot of restaurant and train station and completely easy to go anywhere in the city. With a location like this, you either have to pay a lot for a good hotel or have to stay in a dingy hotel with cheap price.

3. For person like me who's not only traveling to see the attraction of the city, I also like to see the life of people in that city, this platform is a sweet due for me. I got to see where local people shop, eat and going about in their everyday life. Sometimes you also got a place with a totally beautiful view or a great expensive apartment with exclusive furniture which you can not find elsewhere.

4. It's good for traveling as a group. It's mostly really hard to find a place where you and 4 of your best friends can stay together or the price is mostly unbelievable. But a lot of places from Airbnb you can stay with your group of friends/family together in one place for a really good price. I have seen places where you can stay there from 3 people and some places up to 10. You can even rent a whole villa with private pool and you end up paying only 50€ person/night.


1. Cleanliness of the place : You just must be thorough when you choose an apartment/room/house. Read the comment!!! See what people say, see if the place is really as seen on the pictures.

2. Safety: Again, from my experiences I have no problem and again….read the comments!!!

3. It's my vacation, why do I have to cook and clean? If you are not a person who have to have someone to do your bed everyday, there would be no problem staying with Airbnb. It's not like you have to vacuum the place, just be take care about it like when you stay home. And for breakfast, of course there's no breakfast but when you stay in a city like Paris or Vienna, what would be lovelier than having breakfast at one of countless cute cafe in these city??

I totally enjoy using this service in Paris and Vienna and I would definitely use it again anywhere I have a chance. It was completely a wonderful experiences.



Knock yourself out and click here and register yourself. 
You will get a 19€ Vouncher for your first trip and we will get it for our next one ... cool

Have more questions?? Feel free to leave a comment. :)

With love <3
Pia & Richard